Fear is fun

Interesting post:

Fear is fun, fear is your friend.

Sounds like the way that people act and think in a bad horror movie. Oh, let’s go and see what happens in that dark room, or something.

Though, I think it might be true. It might be true that nothing but fear and expectation or hope of a good thing to happen drives us through life.

So, actually fear is your friend. If you can use fear to act, to do things, to progress.
We should value progress over perfection. And as much you throw yourself in front of challenges, your fear for those obstacles will decrease, disappear even.  Then you’ll have to create new fears to drive you further.

You cannot predict the future, or avoid unwanted things to happen with fear. In fact fear comes from past activities, so it doesn’t have anything to do with the future.
I believe that by avoiding challenges you’ll end up more hurt than by trying them. 9 times out of 10, something you are afraid of doing will turn out in something good for you.

After you get fear out of your way, you start improving your skills, without even trying. It happens by itself. You become more relaxed with the situation and can concentrate on your acting and talking. It can be applied in just about any activity.

So you shouldn’t concentrate on perfection. Even if you are a perfectionist, you should try to switch to not carrying about the outcome to be perfect. Instead think just at the prize that is waiting for you at the end of the challenge. In general think about as few things possible when trying to get a challenge done. Otherwise you’ll always disapprove yourself, because you’ll continuously think about every move whether it was perfect or not.

Remember, that we are allowed to make mistakes.


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