what satisfied you today?

my 4 years old niece asks around, as i’ve heard.

good question.

not only that it makes you think in retroactive about the day that is just passing by, but also it makes you think about the future, about what you could do tomorrow to at least have an answer to this question.

i think it doesn’t necessary has to be an self centric question, the answer (or desired response) could be that you was satisfied, and pleased, by the what you did today made another person(s) feel.

and worth case, it is a good exercise of sincerity in a world that is made of hypocriticism (or lies)!


today, i was satisfied by the fact (and yes, it doesn’t involve directly other persons, but i can explain 🙂 ) that i could tell my boss what i’ve been thinking over the past weeks, and months.

and it is not something that reflect only on my person, because if i get more, i can help more my “family” (the quotes are  for the fact that i am referring to my biological family, and not the family where i have a wife, children).


get satisfied, if not today at least think of something for tomorrow…



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