like a butterfly

it was a normal friday, nothing could tell that it will be anything than usual.

after work, i’ve met with my friends at my place for a little refreshment and talk on the terrace. then we went out.

first stop: art gallery.
we had a little bit of a rush, so we didn’t feel very good staying in one place, and especially couldn’t admire paintings. we decided to split, some went home, and me with G. went to find a party.

finding a pary when you hang out with G., is always easy.

so, we got to the party, music was ok, but we were feeling sleepy. G. met with a friend of his: the L. she knew where to get the cure for our problem.

after that party was on: dancing, music, drinking, girls and a clear night.

at a point we went out to buy a pack of cigarettes, but on the way back to the party we weren’t lucky enough and run into a bit of a problem with 2 law enforcement officers. we managed to find our way out of that just fine.

back to the party, now the music was really loud and you could feel it and move effortlessly.

L. was like a butterfly. she was dancing like she had no worries, life was only made of one second at a time. no past, nor future.

when the sun was starting to rise, we decided to go once again to my place and have our own little good-bye party.

there, L. was again very cheerful and happy, and we danced in the living room for an hour more.

she was telling a lot of stories, but all of them no matter how sad they could seem to be, for “normal” people, she had happy ending for them. at least in her mind.

i felt that she was sincere. she would tell everything on her mind, she would tell what she thinks about you straight in your face, but not to criticize or to judge. she was definitely the least hypocrite person i have seen in a long time.

then it was time to end. the cure effect was gone. i started to feel angry on everything and everybody, i could hardly control myself not to say something stupid, and trying to coordinate my moves.

then L. left, got her close to a taxi. a remember i was feeling sad because she was keep running to catch the taxi and i wanted to hear her talk a little more.

we said goodbyes.

even if i’ve just met her, L. seems to have a very nice and beautiful personality. she seems to enjoy life whenever she can, but never to forget to take that break from time to time. i wish i were more like that.

all in all it was a very nice encounter, which i hope to meet again.


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