i guess this is as good of a moment as ever it will be to talk about this

it’s nice to be with someone…

it’s hard to give up on someone,  it’s even harder to loose someone

i guess life plays these things for you, but i would like it to play it faster so that i won’t feel it so painful … maybe this will change and it was just meant to teach a lesson the first time

i can now see how easy it is to wake up next to someon, to make plans, to think ahead … and still can remember how hard it used to be alone

still it is not something to take for granted, and it is not easy to find someone who understands you … but this is life, and i guess it is fun. have fun, be happy, and if you sometimes feel like you can’t … just have some alcohol 🙂

always remember that the one next to you, the one you are talking to, might go to a hard time … so be understanding

and alway “better yourself” !


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