bring it on 2016 !

usually even years are not very good for me

i’m thinking now, and they haven’t been extremely bad either… no major events during these years, no bad events… just me getting born sometime in the past

so perhaps these are the years when I stabilize financially, physically, mentally and emotionally… perhaps these are the nice, relaxed years that I need to enjoy

but best things had happened in odd years, 2013, 2015 … oki 1999 is not a good example

still I want to struggle this year, I want to have what to tell about 2016 like there is a lot about 2015, and less but still 2013

life is about stories, about living the moment and then having what to talk about

it is true that in the past i don’t remember actually being very present in that time, but still there are nice memories…

I have to return to being happy, I have to return to what I was before… fun&happy


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