jumping to conclusions

but not necessary the last one, this could just be the first one

if there is something that i feel good about after she broke up with me, is that i got to say to her how i feel, and that i love her… better later than never

this is something that i would have regretted if i wasn’t able to send her that letter, and it is something that i meant every single word so i feel content about doing it

i don’t want to brag about it, and it is not something that i succeeded on my own… i had a good colleague at the office who encouraged me in sending her message… but it is something that it’s worth doing. if you feel something , let the other one know

the response from her wasn’t that encouraging 🙂

she said that “we” never would have worked out, and instead of my “P.S.: I love you.” she writes “P.S.: I’m seeing someone else, and I like him” 🙂

still, some things are written at anger, they are not exactly what a person feels… yet again, she asks me not to write to her or look for her , so i will just listen to her as i always have

my only hope is that someday, somehow it will all work out



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