know yourself

and accept yourself

now i can say that i start seeing things differently, i start observing my own flaws and hopefully soon also my advantages

i can say that i don’t like to do twice the same thing, so i don’t like repeating myself

i stand by what i do and say, and then conclude i did it my way

i love love, feelings and emotions, i think it’s all about that in life

i started to learn, because of my recent experiences in life, that i should never give, just stand back up and fight for what you feel and think it’s right

i want to learn to be a little bit more diplomatic, without becoming a hypocrite

i don’t make hopes anymore, i just do and think about it as it goes

i try not to do mistakes against anyone, in an equaly manner, and be fair and respect everyone as much as i can

i try not to worry about anything, not even time passes and me getting old

i try to prioritize things better, and appreciate more how i spend each moment in this life

i don’t underestimate nothing and no one, including myself

i try to control my anger regardless of what situation arises, and how the other people are manifesting themselves


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