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“I want to build a great company and have fun doing it.”
July 26, 2017

~Skúli Mogensen, founder, CEO and sole owner of WOW air


religion explained
July 12, 2017

the easy way to explain anything you don’t understand in your life

June 30, 2017

something that is so easily forgotten , if not practiced every day, and so crucial to ones life


slay the demons :)
May 22, 2017


don’t choose fear
May 16, 2017

you might fail at something you don’t like ,

so you might as well take a chance at the thing you love doing

~Jim Carrey

May 15, 2017

  • ce faci?
  • bine
  • n-ai vazut si tu un cer, o luna? mai povesteste ceva 🙂

we all are humans
May 4, 2017

then why fight?!

why have all these arguments in everything, in relationships, why have wars

i was thinking now that if people would stop for a second and think that the other is a human too , and that he is hurt also, and he suffers in his own way, and that everyone wants to have a good time… then perhaps there would be less fighting in homes and less wars in the world

of course,  humans should be sincere and be open about their true filings … to be continued

the moment you stop dreaming, you’re dead
March 6, 2017

it’s rather a state of mind , a mood , and a attitude

dreaming big, dreaming real, dreaming positively

you can’ be doing all of that all the time, but just remember to dream from time to time, with your eyes open, and don’t be afraid to want more, to fight for more … especially fight with yourself for more, or better yet only with yourself

i think life is about dreams, desires and realization of them


love yourself – a little bit
February 21, 2017


a good wine
February 14, 2017

it’s interesting what a good wine can do to you 🙂

today’s Valentine’s day (or L day for me 🙂 ) , as you well know it, and I decided to take home with me a bottle of white wine from Chile… nicely located.

after drinking one glass it felt very relieving , i wasn’t tired anymore, i wasn’t hungry anymore, was sitting straight on the chair, and suddenly in the mood to talk … or write emails (probably not recommended)

i am thinking now that the miraculous effect is probably somehow linked to the brain 🙂