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“I want to build a great company and have fun doing it.”
July 26, 2017

~Skúli Mogensen, founder, CEO and sole owner of WOW air


slay the demons :)
May 22, 2017


a good wine
February 14, 2017

it’s interesting what a good wine can do to you 🙂

today’s Valentine’s day (or L day for me 🙂 ) , as you well know it, and I decided to take home with me a bottle of white wine from Chile… nicely located.

after drinking one glass it felt very relieving , i wasn’t tired anymore, i wasn’t hungry anymore, was sitting straight on the chair, and suddenly in the mood to talk … or write emails (probably not recommended)

i am thinking now that the miraculous effect is probably somehow linked to the brain 🙂



January 19, 2017


“A living space should be a sanctuary, it has to be a place where you reflect on your life. When one arrives home, there’s a very tranquil feeling.”

~Tadao Ando

be fearless
August 16, 2016

failure will happen … it’s what you do with it that defines you !

know you mission, focus on that

every day do one thing that makes you uncomfortable






#belikebill :)
January 25, 2016


You are good. Don’t tease the boss
January 18, 2016

– advice from old client 🙂

think like a CEO
January 13, 2016

in everything … not only at work, but relationships, personal and business, and the whole picture when it comes to you, to what you do, how you are, how you react, what you read, what you are interested in …. walk tall and straight

if you want to be respected, think accordingly

if you want to be more, think big

don’t underestimate yourself … think ahead , as you want to become, as you know you are

don’t let your fears take over your actions … think about your fears, and make them work in your benefit

don’t assume how people will react, think, feel about you or anything else… communicate and make yourself, your beliefs, your likes and loves, known to others… only then you will get a better understanding, by looking at the responses and reactions you get back. don’t judge ahead and assume you know.

use your intellect
October 21, 2015

manage yourself!


think about what you are doing

think apart to your mind

think apart of others

develop your intellect!

it is not the world that gives you pleasure or pain, it is how you relate

“everything has been figured out, except how to live”

daca te intrebi cum de ai ajuns in situatia asta …
October 14, 2015

fiecare greseala, cat de mica pare, contribuie la cine vei fi , la fel cum si fiecare reusita oricat de mica pare, conteaza.

aici ma refer la un gand, un gest, o fapta facuta, o fapta pe care nu ai facut-o … totul conteaza

asa ca fii atent la ce faci, ce gandesti, ce zici, ce nu zici, ce nu gandesti si ce nu apuci sa faci !!

hai focus! 🙂