try harder

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until it becomes naturally

ne fear , just love

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electric real hero

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make up my mind, but i don’t know myself

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draft 1

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mi se pare ca trebuie sa respectam reguli si sa ne conformam anumitor tipare in tot ce facem

adica nici macar in dragoste (il folosesc la modul general, te prinzi ce vreau sa zic, sper) nu putem sa facem ce simtim, ca nu e ok

tot timpul ne raportam la ceilalti , la articole de blog, la interviuri pe care le-am vazut

stiu ca nu avem timp , trebuie sa te misti repede, sa faci multe, mai ales cand traiesti intr-un oras mare…

dar macar in dragoste cred ca am putea sa experimentam si sa facem ce simtim, sa invatam unul de la celalalt, sa avem rabdare, sa fim deschisi , sa putem discuta ce simtim fara sa ne temem ca celalalt ar putea intelege gresit pentru ca stim si avem incredere ca celalat are rabdare si ne intelege asa cum suntem


it is what it is, and time will tell

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don’t be stressed out

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life is worth living

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just a quick note

if you are persistent enough, if you believe long enough, if you enjoy the moment, regardless if you feel sad, sorrow, low on confidence, life will teach you a lesson that will be worth living

for me it is L… she is the cutest, lovable, funny, smart person I have ever seen

she is in my life for 3 weeks tomorrow, we met on 11th of August.

i can only dream and think that perhaps she’ll stay a lot longer … and that we’ll be as joyful, careful and loving with each other as now


be fearless

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failure will happen … it’s what you do with it that┬ádefines you !

know you mission, focus on that

every day do one thing that makes you uncomfortable






though of the day

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your time is limited on this word anyhow … so, don’t be so fucking scared

just do it as you dream things should be around you , of course without bothering too much the other people … you can post a question, see if they want to hang around you, but don’t insist more … always be open and move freely


first do the work then reward yourself

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