May 15, 2017

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think like a CEO
January 13, 2016

in everything … not only at work, but relationships, personal and business, and the whole picture when it comes to you, to what you do, how you are, how you react, what you read, what you are interested in …. walk tall and straight

if you want to be respected, think accordingly

if you want to be more, think big

don’t underestimate yourself … think ahead , as you want to become, as you know you are

don’t let your fears take over your actions … think about your fears, and make them work in your benefit

don’t assume how people will react, think, feel about you or anything else… communicate and make yourself, your beliefs, your likes and loves, known to others… only then you will get a better understanding, by looking at the responses and reactions you get back. don’t judge ahead and assume you know.