and one more thing … smile, you are not dead
January 13, 2016

as in … you die only once, you don’t need to act like you are dying every day 🙂


each day is a new page in my lifebook
May 26, 2015

if you look at one’s life in perspective, as a open and unfinished book, each day has a meaning…

even if apparently nothing has happened, each day becomes meaningful… it takes part of one’s life in its whole.

important thing, as far as I can tell now 🙂 , is to learn something… to learn to ne kind, calm, agile, quick in thinking and in action, care about the ones around you a little bit more than they do for you.

each day teaches you something that you wil defenetly need on another day in the future.

and even if it is the last day… it teaches you to be strong in the face of what’s next.

you’ll do better when you know better
October 28, 2014

heard Oprah Winfrey quoting shes lifetime mentor…