religion explained
July 12, 2017

the easy way to explain anything you don’t understand in your life


slay the demons :)
May 22, 2017


love yourself – a little bit
February 21, 2017


a good wine
February 14, 2017

it’s interesting what a good wine can do to you 🙂

today’s Valentine’s day (or L day for me 🙂 ) , as you well know it, and I decided to take home with me a bottle of white wine from Chile… nicely located.

after drinking one glass it felt very relieving , i wasn’t tired anymore, i wasn’t hungry anymore, was sitting straight on the chair, and suddenly in the mood to talk … or write emails (probably not recommended)

i am thinking now that the miraculous effect is probably somehow linked to the brain 🙂



February 8, 2017

life is a playground
January 20, 2017

… or nothing at all


~Mr. Nobody , movie


try harder
December 21, 2016

until it becomes naturally

electric real hero
November 23, 2016

#justmusic #chill

it is what it is, and time will tell
September 12, 2016


don’t be stressed out

#cometomybedroom 🙂


life is worth living
August 31, 2016

just a quick note

if you are persistent enough, if you believe long enough, if you enjoy the moment, regardless if you feel sad, sorrow, low on confidence, life will teach you a lesson that will be worth living

for me it is L… she is the cutest, lovable, funny, smart person I have ever seen

she is in my life for 3 weeks tomorrow, we met on 11th of August.

i can only dream and think that perhaps she’ll stay a lot longer … and that we’ll be as joyful, careful and loving with each other as now