the blame game
November 1, 2018

it’s been a while since my last post, but one laptop later and still in “the mood of writing less” or in a relationship , i’m trying to redeem myself and … change the blame game.

yesterday i saw the “a star was born movie” with lady gaga and bradley cooper … not an exiting move , very long 2.15h , but with good music , not gaga’s commercial style , But it somehow shows the problem of drinking.

blame is hard to balance in life , and it’s harder when you are drinking aka alcoholic way

i guess a good practice, and what i am trying to alway do, is to look at things as half your fault and half faith / luck. regardless of the thing , if it is good or bad, if it is the greatest thing or it seems to be the worst nightmare



be courageous , give all you can
January 25, 2018

~in tribute to Simona Halep qualifying to the Australian Open 2018 final

always try your best, and be courageous


religion explained
July 12, 2017

the easy way to explain anything you don’t understand in your life

slay the demons :)
May 22, 2017


love yourself – a little bit
February 21, 2017


a good wine
February 14, 2017

it’s interesting what a good wine can do to you 🙂

today’s Valentine’s day (or L day for me 🙂 ) , as you well know it, and I decided to take home with me a bottle of white wine from Chile… nicely located.

after drinking one glass it felt very relieving , i wasn’t tired anymore, i wasn’t hungry anymore, was sitting straight on the chair, and suddenly in the mood to talk … or write emails (probably not recommended)

i am thinking now that the miraculous effect is probably somehow linked to the brain 🙂



February 8, 2017

life is a playground
January 20, 2017

… or nothing at all


~Mr. Nobody , movie


try harder
December 21, 2016

until it becomes naturally

electric real hero
November 23, 2016

#justmusic #chill