the moment you stop dreaming, you’re dead
March 6, 2017

it’s rather a state of mind , a mood , and a attitude

dreaming big, dreaming real, dreaming positively

you can’ be doing all of that all the time, but just remember to dream from time to time, with your eyes open, and don’t be afraid to want more, to fight for more … especially fight with yourself for more, or better yet only with yourself

i think life is about dreams, desires and realization of them



though of the day
August 12, 2016

your time is limited on this word anyhow … so, don’t be so fucking scared

just do it as you dream things should be around you , of course without bothering too much the other people … you can post a question, see if they want to hang around you, but don’t insist more … always be open and move freely


i’ll hide my sadness under this smile
April 10, 2016

be brave, be strong, be good

be grateful for anyone who comes into your life

thank #a, she’s your angel, she waked you up

now i’m sure it would work out great, if she would feel the same

you need to learn how to talk, so that others would understand you

you need to learn to behave, to love, to live

you need to focus on becoming great, better yourself, until you find someone or someone finds you and then let yourself loved and love completely

you do good even when no one is watching, you love everyone and learn always to understand the other person

this is your life, enjoy



do as much as you can
March 29, 2016

it’s not about showing off, proving something to someone

it’s about you making your life interesting, fun, and worth living

don’t stress too much, just become better in your own pace

sleep, because you don’t just rest, but you also get ideas and get more relaxed

people will come and go in your life, some are worth to struggle more to keep

just be prepared for what’s coming , don’t worry too much about what’s gone

be open minded, stay with an open heart, and feel … it’s all part of life


each day is a new page in my lifebook
May 26, 2015

if you look at one’s life in perspective, as a open and unfinished book, each day has a meaning…

even if apparently nothing has happened, each day becomes meaningful… it takes part of one’s life in its whole.

important thing, as far as I can tell now 🙂 , is to learn something… to learn to ne kind, calm, agile, quick in thinking and in action, care about the ones around you a little bit more than they do for you.

each day teaches you something that you wil defenetly need on another day in the future.

and even if it is the last day… it teaches you to be strong in the face of what’s next.

live the moment
March 3, 2015

i’ve just realized that (actually was inspired by a talk i’ve seen today) you shouldn’t live for the time but for the moment.

what this means, or what this should make you feel is that age, and time don’t matter. you should seek moments in life, which can come at any age and time.

otherwise, nothing really new, life passes by, moments persist…

are you afraid?
February 1, 2015

are you afraid about something?!
are you worried before falling asleep?!
you can’t rest well at night?!

here is how i calm myself in these situations, especially at night…

this solution is one of my very recent descoveries… actually just about a moment ago i came with this idea

well, here it is:

i repeat to myself, in my mind, “you’ll gonna die one day!

and it is true what steve jobs said… knowing that you will die one day makes you realize how important it is that you do every moment what you feel, think, want to do.

for me it also works if i’m sick… when suffering, i tend to be philosophical about life and time spent on this planet.

choose to care. choose to live.
December 3, 2014