very good and interesting article
January 27, 2016

in general i agree with everything said there, pretty much was living and want to live by these rules and beliefs, it is good to be reminded from time to time

what is not mentioned in this article, and maybe i’ll try to continue in another post is … time

what do you do with time, passing, aging, fear of not doing what you should when you should, or better said when the others around you do it

i’m not talking here about fear of death and waisting/loosing your life… this is covered well by the biography of steve jobs … you can use that fear in your own advantage

Find the humour in all your fuck ups.
Be creepy and own it.

Creepiness is a vibe.
Be aware of the energy and know how to deal with it.

not only this vibe…

remember: Awareness, consciousness, being present.