horse glasses people
November 3, 2013

i’ve recently noticed that the “horse sunglasses” are in vogue. i think i’ve seen on fashion tv and even a local celebrity wearing them.
i’m talking about sunglasses which have blind sides, opaque so that the sun won’t come in.
but this also means you will be able to see just what’s directly in front of you, and nothing on your left or right. and ok, it might be good enough for sunglasses, while your walking and driving even, and it is an interesting idea… probably not even new.

but then, i see people, without glasses, passing by and always looking streight ahead or, best case, to the person they are with.
this is something i don’t understand. and i said ok, maybe it happens only to me.
but 9/10 it is the same with the others. it doesn’t even matter if it is a nice looking lady, guys will just look at their way, as if they don’t want to miss the lane they are on. and the lady does the same.

and it hurts me to do the same, and it hurts me that i started to do the same.

it is a sick world here, hope this is just happening in bucharest, and it is because people are poor and afraid that the other person is even worst.

fuck it. i think i’ll get some of these as well.