always let your boss have the first say :)
December 18, 2014

always let your boss have the first say

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#figure it #out
November 11, 2014

confident to take decisions and happy to assume the outcome

nothing personal
February 4, 2014

Work smarter, not harder
August 10, 2011


This could be a goal, something to try to find a solution for, in order to progress in your life.

Time is limited. You only have 24h in a single day, so you can realize quickly (if your not like me, and you have to wait for 10y to even think about this) that if you push harder you will reach the limit soon.

On the other hand, smart has no limits. The problem with the concept smart is that it is something abstract and you have to figure out a way at comparing your performances. I don’t know how well am I doing on the smart scale.
So, it is obviously that you should focus on how and what is smart for you and try to get better at it, rather than force yourself and consume energy in pushing harder.

You should push harder to keep getting smarter and maintain a constant level of effort you put in your work.